December 30, 2007

LCD display with vertical lines issue

There exists an Online Petition for Apple inc. to acknowledge this problem and solve it in some way.

I'm signer 268 and since mine there have been ten more signatures added.

The petition reads:

To: Apple Inc.
We, the undersigned, request that Apple Inc. officially acknowledge and address the defect in their LCD Displays. The defect causes vertical lines (cyan/yellow/pink) to appear cutting through the screen and multiplying as time goes by. Unfortunately, the problem starts to appear right after the end of the one year warranty. This problem has been filling up the Apple's online discussion forum and with no possible solution. We are the loyal Apple fans and would love to see Apple show its appreciation by stepping up to this issue.


gaganjit singh said...

Same problem with my april 2006 17" iMac Intel W860*** serial no. Got my third line today and googled the problem and WOW thousands of us suffer this problem... am amazed at how I havent found any replies/answers from Apple. shocked at Apple's silence. am very angry. feel cheated after spending so much money on apple products.

And Apple is keeping a Big Brother watch on Apple discussion forum as my angry comments r being conveniently being removed by them.Great way to solve the problem Apple - Keep It UP.

johnfromaustralia said...

My Imac g5 started producing lines at only 3yrs. now it is 3yr 8 moths old & is virtually unusable.


Where is the apology, the ackowledgement that there is a fault.

How much money did they make last year? $40 billion. Surely they could tend to these claims

Anonymous said...

I bought mine in March 06. Sure enough, the lines started appearing just after the warranty expired. Then the number began to grow. Took it in to the Apple Store and was given an instruction sheet on how to reload. No correction whatwoever. Now the display is virtually unusable. My serial # is also W860------. Apple store now says it needs a new display screen, at "$700 to $800, closer to $800." Authorized repairer says nearly $600. This is ridiculous. If I had paid this much for a refrigerator and it ceased functioning within 2 years, it would be replaced or repaired.