April 30, 2010

What do you see? I see iPhone 4G

So i guess everybody heard the story about the lost iPhone prototype, right?


Well, i'm reading today on the comments how some use their early 2006 iMacs JUST for playing internet radio and music.

Don't you think what you paid is worth more? Well, lucky you as well as those, there are also happy iMac owners who got their computers fixed FOR FREE. They phoned Apple. I phoned Apple back in the day. Today it's still my main computer.

4 years since they were unveiled. 3 years since the first buyers lost their warranty. Apple still fixes these things and you rather use it for music?

Phone Apple now if you want it fixed for free!! It's your right to have a Mac worth it's price :)

Good luck


Chris D said...

I see no more lines!!! I want to thank you for the information you have posted on this site. I am the owner of a Late 2006 17" iMac. Mine is not a W860 U2N. I have a W863 VUX, but I looked it up online and it is made in the Changhai, China plant. I believe that's the same plant as the W860 model, so I opened a case online and talked to an Apple support employee. I got lucky and got a manager who happened to be taking front-line calls at the time. He spent about 45 minutes with me talking about the issue, and other things. (He was the nicest guy. For his privacy I won't post his name, but he deserves the recognition.) He opened up a case for me to take the iMac to the local Apple Store and put the code in for them to fix it for free.

Sure enough, I took it down there and the Genius fired it up and saw all he needed to see (I only had 5 lines BTW). They didn't have the part in stock so I took the iMac home with me. It took them about a week to get the part and they had it repaired the same day I dropped it back off. Lines are all gone and I'm a happy camper.

To any others procrastinating making the call, I'd do it ASAP. The Genius at the store told me that the service extension was for 3 years, which mine fell out of, but they were going to fix it anyway. Apple may not be offering this much longer. If you need to get this issue resolved, make the call NOW!

Thanks again for your site. Without it I would have been looking for a new iMac instead of a new MacBook Pro :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this very timely and encouraging article!

To my horror I discovered a vertical line on my own June 2007 DuoCore17" iMac screen after starting up this morning (seems about 5-6 px wide 50% gray appox 1" from left border), and have just followed a link to here from the huge Apple forum discussion on the screen problems.

This computer has been absolutely trouble free and a real joy to use and I couldn't have imagined that such a devastating flaw would be lurking inside.

I'm so glad to see that Chris D has had such satisfactory response from Apple. (I'm an old professional graphics Mac user [now retired] from 1988 and feel real disappointment whenever I see so many bad posts about the platform).

I'll be getting onto my local Apple people first thing Monday about the problem, hopefully with a similar outcome.

The prices bandied about if one has to pay for a replacement screen were alarming to say the least.

Thanks again for the boost.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
Sorry about my english, in first place.
My Imac (Intel CoreDuo, early 2006, 24") present same problems - vertical color lines, kernel panic and finally DEATH-. I call Apple 902 and a very polite guy tell me, Apple extend warranty for vertical lines problem, but only in 17" machines! I can´t believe it!

I´m pretty desperate. Someone with 24" Imac could solve the problem calling Apple? SAT says it´s a motherboard&graphic card issue, Cost: 800€!!!

I live in Spain, the serial number of my Imac is W8642****GN

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mean Late 2006 24" Core 2 Duo iMac.

realemorgan@gmail.com said...

I have an early 2007 17" iMac and have the vertical lines problem . . .! I had the problem in Feb. 2009, took the computer to the Apple store and they fixed it for free. But, this Feb.the lines were back. I recently took the computer in again and a tech at the Genius bar, who didn't know what she was doing at all (I think she was very new) gave me no answers; she acted as if she'd never seen the problem before. So now I have to call Apple, complain, and have to drag the computer in again. What a hassle!

Anica said...

Hey guys,

I have the same problem 5 vertical lines W870 already out of warranty-what should I do-whom to contact at apple (which line-there are so many??? because I am living far away from a official apple store- could you please give me some advice guys

Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I just got this issue today Iam Sydney Australia I made a call to Apple today and they made out it was some issue with the video card can anyone advise of a number I can call where they are aware of this issue

thanks for any advise

Anonymous said...

Hi Just called Apple for the second time re vertical line issue and there saying mine is a isolated incident what a joke and then I advised them that actually 4ooo signatures online from users with the same issue. Dont you just love how they manage just to sweep this issues under the carpet I say we should go on TV and let the world know

Anonymous said...

Just called today. First call no go. Second call got a case number and a reservation at the local apple store. Dropped it off, signed a sheet, they are replacing the screen for free! Keep calling, they will fix it. Thanks for the info on this site, you gave us what we need!

anthony said...

Just took in in February 2006 imac to an apple store, and they had it fixed in 3 days, free of charge. That is over 4 1/2 years old! Definitely worth getting it taken care of!

Jasper said...

Holland here! With a 17" Imac bought in july 2006. Serno. W8605JC8U2N. Started with just one line. Sometimes they appeared slowly starting at the top. But in the end there were so many, all kind of colors and even an almost 1/2 inch thick black one!

Got it fixed (I got a whole new LCD display) for free (extended waranty) at my local Macstore (for you Dutchies: in Deventer). He knew about it right away.

Hope this helps. All the best. Jasper.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this site. My 2007 imac has been sat in its box for nearly 18 months. Its a W860U2N, I thought it wasn't worth speaking to Apple about as it was out of warranty, i never would have known this was a factory fault until I found your site. Its now with Apple having the LCD replaced, nearly £500 worth of repair FREE OF CHARGE. Customer service in my case was outstanding, no arguments required they just sorted it out. Looking forward to seeing it back without the 36 coloured lines!

Unknown said...

Dude, thank you for this blog. I was about to start taking my late 2006 iMac apart since I had no hope for repair. I called apple and got it fixed for FREE. My model nr. is a W80xx2N as well. Thanks again for taking the time to put all this info and stories online.
Apple rep was super friendly all in all a very smooth process. My warranty expired more than one year ago.
If you have lines on your screen - CALL APPLE NOW.

Anonymous said...

I have an iMac bought in late 2004 ealry 2005, in summer 2009 the screen went COMPLETELY black. Nothing to see at all, just a whole black unhalpable screen, Took it to fix at Apple store and I paid 800€ for the new mother board.
NOW early 2010 after the BRAND NEW MOTHER BOARD the screan showed TWO vertical line (Blu and Pink) and a few weeks ago another Pink vertical line appeared again, several days ago a bradn new YELLOW line appeared again, and TODAY I got another TWO lines (Pink & YEllow).
MY COMPUTER IS SUPOSED TO BE NEW, after having replaced the MOTHERBOARD, wich makes a computer 'new' again and after having payd 800 EUROS I can't tollerate to have SIX VERTICAL LINES IN MY SCREEN!!
I am desperate, what can I do at the point where I am now? Do you have any strong suggestion, plaese?
Thank you very much for reading my post.

chelsea said...

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lion10 said...

I read somewhere that this "unofficial repair program" has ended on 26. May 2011. Does anybody can confirm this?

Anonymous said...

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