December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas from iMac lines

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

Many years have passed since W860 iMacs were born. Lately the blog's been receiving comments that Apple is no longer repairing this screen issue.

Dave said: Im based in Dublin, Ireland. My iMac has 2 vertical blue lines and 1 yellow. Like the last poster I was also told the program to fix this problem ended in May 2011. I waited over an hour on the phone to Apple Support to be told "my supervisor couldn't justify repairing your imac due to the time elapsed since the May deadline". They also said my iMac was vintage model i.e. over 5 yrs old. In some ways I wish this problem had arisen sooner. At least then I would have had a chance of making the cut off.

So if your "vintage" mac just started experiencing the lines syndrome, I still insist as always, call Apple and get to know it officially from them! The more you call the better; get them to know your problem is not solved and receive an official answer, as this blog is merely informative and the information here posted is based on users' personal experiences.

I laughed when I read the vintage word applied to this Mac. I've been using it and over-using it from day one and recently expanded its RAM memory (an extremely easy and cheap process nowadays). I used to feel it a somehow slow on easy tasks, like simple browsing and maybe some flash content; you know how apple feels about flash player! Well, this update is amazing and if you had your iMac repaired and feel it's becoming more of a vintage object, try a memory upgrade and you'll feel it like a new mac!

Happy holidays to everyone and good luck with your affected iMacs


Anonymous said...

ok so finally today (january 2012) i cannot make Apple replace my lcd panel, is this the final and official answer? is there a possibility that Apple still replace my panel? Do you know any case that the panel was replaced after may 2011? Please, i need to know if i stop fight now or keep calling apple?

Anonymous said...

It looks like they are officially not fixing any longer. We will need to pursue class action or other legal remedies.
I am AASP and the coverage is no longer being extended to these.

Anonymous said...

To all affected vertical line iMac users, - DO NOT RESIGN!


Check the following website:

That guy has made an adapter to make (common) 17” Laptop screens compatible with the 17” iMac. He sells it at his website separately as repair kit ($70) or he offers also completely assembled screens (with adapter installed) for a good price. And at last, there exist also the possibility for installing a HD (1920x1080) screen to a 17” iMac!

typepad said...

I have this problem for 3 years now 50 vertical lines with an additional band of white 1.5" wide from top to bottom flush left covering the menu bar. I did not know about the courtesy fix by apple, they kept it very quiet – unlike auto manufacturers recalls. They said it would cost $550 for a new LCD screen +$49 labour +Taxes = over $630. A new one cost $1200 basic model. I'm not sure if I pay this amount to fix it then the problem may repeat like before huh? I have to now buy an adapter from apple for $25 and a "PC" monitor for $99 then hook up this to my old funny Apple iMac, have 2 screens on my table as if I have lots of room! Apple makes only 27" screens and sells them for $999. Be careful what you buy!

Anonymous said...

I called Apple back in November about this, that's after finding out that it was a problem that Apple was aware of, but kept it real quiet as some of you mentioned, went through the channels, and finally spoke to someone in who was willing to repair it, but unfortunately, none of the Apple stores by me have the part, and can't get it. So they offered me a discount on a new Apple for if and when I decide to upgrade. Have no idea what kind of 'discount' they'll offer, but until I get really annoyed at these lines (8 so far), I'm just not looking to spend over a $1,000 on a new computer. Wish someone out there knows how to fix this without having to spend a ton of $$$...or that the lines appeared back when Apple WAS fixing it. Oh well!

MacUser 2005 said...

Wow, I just found this site. I have been experiencing these lines for 2 months now. This is very frustrating. I wish there were a remedy.

Anonymous said...

I bought the mac with a 17inch monitor for my daughter 5 years ago, and within 2 years of use we got the first line on the monitor and up to now i just counted and we have 62 colored lines. I didn't know that was a wide spread problem and never contacted the Apple company about the problem but I can do nothing now because it is too late to do so. My solution is I will never buy this brand of computer again because once they realize the problem they should have made a recall in order to fix the problem and since they didn't do so, goodbye Apple.

Anonymous said...

6 lines and counting here. I have an early 2006 model. Like another person said, added RAM and updated OS and it still works great. No need to buy a new one if there weren't these effing lines.

Anonymous said...

Obsolete - if that's the case why does their latest operating system still support it when you upgrade your memory to 4Gb? I'm still using my 17" iMac and have within the last couple of months started getting this problem - what is interesting is that the lines are often in different places and once the computer has been on for an hour or two, the lines disappear... Can't believe apple kept this so quiet. I am locked into the apple eco-system with several of their devices and at some point will replace this machine but as it is, I hadn't planned on buying a replacement until their latest OS's were no longer supported. Anyone know the current UK status with this in terms of getting a repair - does EU law cover this in terms of the product not being classed as fit for purpose if it does not operate for 6 years (or something like that?)

Anonymous said...

So just figured I'd add my saga in.. same problem as everyone else, just getting ready to drag my imac in to the apple store and see what they say..hate the thought of having to buy an entirely new computer.... sadly disappointed in apples stand on not doing the repairs..

Anonymous said...

Another here with the single blue line problem (as of yesterday, my birthday, thanks Apple!) down my iMac screen.

The machine is still as zippy and efficient as ever, without any discernible problems in anything but the defect on screen.

I can work around it but Google seems to suggest there will be more where that single line came from. Seems I'm just under a year shy of being eligible for their repair program too.

I haven't yet called them but plan on doing so just to scope out what the official line (ahem) is on this.

It's a total bummer as I work on this machine every day and have done for over three years now without a single problem until now.

Quick query if anyone knows, would it be advisable to try a rollback to an earlier OS or use an old Time Machine back-up?

groovyoldlady said...

Our iMac is 6 years old and now we're up to 11 lovely vertical lines. It's makes reading and movie watching "interesting" to say the least!

James L said...

I have a late 2006 iMac, (W86348...) thats developed the same problem, it started about 9 months ago with one, then two, then three lines... you get the idea. Im now up to 14 brightly coloured veretical lines, the last four having apeared between the last use! AND I dare say another one will appear before I shutdown.

I use my mac very infrequently, and not for long periods as I use my iPhone for just about everything.

I like many iMac uses upgraded the ram, in my case to 2GB 2x1GB ram (from my original factory fit 512MB) bought from Apple with the latest Life/OS too - not a cheap purchase.

AND WHY, when 512MB was comfortable chugging along just fine?

All because my then iPhone 3GS needed an update, an update which needed the latest update version of iTunes, seems fair enough, BUT the new version of iTunes wouldnt install on my Mac as it was an older OS, so I have to buy the latest OS, then 10.6. AND THEN im told it wont run on 512MB. so have to buy ram too!!

So just to update my iPhone i have to buy new ram to run the new OS, to install the new itunes, to download the iPhone update

Whats worse is my 9year old WinXP laptop would have run the then latest iTunes for me to update my iPhone had I used my laptop to sync it!!

Anyway rant over about that, Ive taken the two ram modules out, swapped them over, tries with either one mod in, still makes no difference.
I dont have a separate display with apple leads to teast the graphics card to see if thats a possible fault.


Toner said...

I have two 2006 imacs both with the same trouble.

It seems that Apple has known about this for years.

I contacted customer service and they told me they had never heared of this happening before.

That irks me and it belittles more than anything else. Apple has let me down.

George said...

hey i just came across this whilst trying to look for a way of fixing my imac. It is a 17" core 2 due.

I was surprised to see that there is a thread that is still active for this version of imac!

I have had to start to use another monitor as half of the screen is not usable on the mac. The external screen works fine, so i am unsure as to whether this is an issue with the graphics card or with the screen.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with the graphics chip or anyway to solve the problem other than getting annoyed at apple and throwing hundreds of pounds at the mac?

Anonymous said...

If your external display shows properly then the LCD screen is likely at fault.

Anonymous said...

If they won't repair it under warranty, will they still allow you to pay for the repair? It's not good if they won't even allow you to pay to have it repaired. The only thing I can think of why they wouldn't even let you pay for the repair is if they can no longer source the LCD screens that were used in these models or a reasonable substitute. A lot of LCD and Plasma TV's have this same issue because of the pace the technology is advancing. Once the screens go out of production (which they do in just a few years to make room on the assembly lines for the newest models) then you're out of luck if yours breaks. All you can do is buy another TV.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Is there some sort of problem with the graphic on that Greeting Card? There are some many lines running up and down my screen I CAN'T TELL!

adam said...

If anyone wants to try the diy solution check out

Basically it's an inline adapter to allows you to install a 17" laptop style LCD in place of the defective screen.

The added bonus is that you can just as easily replace it with a full HD 1920 x 1200 lcd panel. That panel looks quite a bit sharper than the stock screen.

It takes a little bit of work but its a pretty cheap and easy long term solution to this widespread problem.

rajesh said...

How much will it cost me to fix my iMac? I have a 3 year old imac and recently a fuzzy thin line is now going down its screen. I want to get Imac repairs but am worried about the price.

Unknown said...

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