February 11, 2008

Can you spot a pattern?

Celebrating my 8th line, the 8th video-protest.
So... what's new?


Anonymous said...

I have got an aid, to give some relief while our iMacs are bleading lines...

I have set my background to white (click next to the last color solid mint). For my screensaver I picked the one with the most white. One line disappeared soon after this and now one week later 3 of the 4 lines are gone(most of the time).

Maybe this will help for now. Keep up the good work!

GrtZ Steph

Anonymous said...

loved this song! is it bjork?

Anonymous said...

I tried Steph's proposal for one week (white desktop and screensaver). My 3 lines never moved. I'm off to buy an external display.

Enrique Diazruanova said...

Shame on Apple!!!

I am on my 13th line and counting.
We all should send mails to all major(and minor) on line computer magazines. I have been doing so for quite some time, but the more we are the more success we can get, because for Apple to take care of this problem, there has to be a public opinion ranting loud out there.