February 3, 2008

Ups and downs, petitions and posts

Everyday I find a new Apple's discussions board topic locked or erased on the imac lines issue.
To sum up, these are the not quite popular but still active topics available on ADB...

Another article on the iMac "lines" issue

vertical cyan line on my 17" iMac display

pink line after installing 10.4.11

I remember when this blog started there were 268 signatures on the online petition. This number has raised to 397 in some more than a month. Most of them answer yes to Problem appeared while out of warranty?.

Now, this is me speaking, but i'd rather be officially rejected by Apple than completely ignored.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. My first line appeared half a year after warranty expired.
I'm desappointed as hell. I cannot believe that Apple are going to do nothing about it. I just cant believe.
I hope we can get something of them. I mean, all together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this blog together, it makes it very easy for me to keep track of what Apple are NOT doing to fix my problem (I have two lines and counting).

Anonymous said...

OK, everybody interested in the story should read this page:


Back in the 2003, iBook logic board engineering or manufacturing failure caused hundreds (if not thousands) of machines to fail after warranty period. Apple was behaving the same way as it is now in the case if imac screen failure (denying the existence of the problem, deleting discussions from the support forums). The only way to force Apple to acknowledge the problem and extend warranty on this particular failure, was threatening the company with _class action suit_. We should suppose that it'll be the same case now - until there won't be a legal action against Apple, we (f*cked customers, that is) shouldn't expect anything from their side ....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I just copied the link in as I complained via feedback form on apple site.

Also just called Applecare line and gave detailed description of fault, made tech document my serial number and that this is a worldwide issue Apple have failed to acknowledge. Have advised I will not purchase iMac's anymore.

Just about to take the trader to small claims court, and advise they take it up directly with Apple. My fault turned up 18months after purchase. I now have 7 lines.

If all else fails I'll just contact all the various media outlets I can think of.

Sad it has come to this.

DillanLegros said...

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