January 31, 2008

Not a lucky number

The Seventh line is on it's way. I saw it blinking on the screen and made oh-so-many pictures of it, but it's a little shy right now. Anyway it'll come to stay. It doesn't mess with the view since it's just a pixel away to the right of the third line I had.

Have you called apple yet? What are you wating for!

You can as well take a chance through apple's feedback form or give it a try on any of the open discussions at ADB.

I'd like to hear from you on the comments!


Kco said...

hi. im from argentina. as you might imagine i dont have any apple support in my country.
but i have the same problem, though. those goddam lines everywhere.
i wrote to apple but nothing happened, they didnt even answer me.
i dont know what to do. i cant believe they wont do anything about it.

Santino said...

Yo tambien soy de argentina y tuve el mismo problema. La Imac la compre en ALfa Uno, pero ahi ni pregunte cuanto salia el arreglo, en Maxim me dijeron que costaba mas de 600 dolares, en un tecnico me pasaron 950 y en otro lugar 599 dolares. Finalmente a traves del foro www.macusergroup.com.ar un usuario llamado Jeronimo me contacto con la gente de MacLand quienes a su vez se contactaron con Apple y tras mandarle por mail fotos del problema y los datos de la maquina me cambiaron el display sin costo alguno.

Kco said...

uff, por dios, entonces no está todo perdido. me podés pasar un poco de data para contactar a la gente de MacLand directamente?
ellos te hicieron de intermediario con apple siendo que no se las habías comprado a ellos?
can't believe it.
millón de gracias.

siang3x said...

Hi all,

I had the same vertical color lines problem with my iMac like you before but Apple had it fixed. Now I have a lines-free LCD, thanks to nice Apple.

Maybe if you're wondering how can it happened, I wrote my story at this link: http://siang3x-problemsolved.blogspot.com/
It's quite wordy but I hope it can help you guys fix your iMac screen.

Lastly, God bless you all!!!

Boaz Agmon said...

As you might not know most of the machines affected (3000+) were NOT fixed!
We tried hard we called, we drove hundreds of miles to no end.
Now we want to make our voices heard, come and support by voting to the funny vertical lines song "Apple made a flop" on YOUTUBE!