January 24, 2008

Contacting Apple for Support and Service

I phoned today the Spanish technical support at (34) 902 151 992. My apple reseller told me it was my only way to go since i'm out of warranty. Basically after trying to sell me some Apple Care phone assistances for around 49€ valid for 30 days or something, I got the lady to write an "intern note" saying iMacs (intel and G5) serial numbers W860 - U2N all over the internet had this same problem. Like phone service would do anything!!

So please, find out your Apple - Technical Support Number on the list and give Apple a call stating your problem. And make sure they write a note about it!


Santino said...

Soy de Argentina, donde ni siquiera tengo soporte tecnico a donde llamar, asi que tengo que pagar los u$s 600 que me cuesta el cambio del LCD. Para que se den una idea, es un sueldo mensual promedio.

next said...

Pensás cambiarlo? A mi me parece una estafa... 600 dólares que te cobran por un arreglo del que espero qeu sepas tiene garantía de 90 días, tres escasos meses, versus un monitor normal externo + adaptador que no llega a 600u$s ni a palos...

Un saludo

Kco said...

son unos chorros de mierda. no puedo creer que sean tan hijos de puta. en argentina, mac station son unos ladrones del año cero.
la verdad, una computadora que da un mísero año de garantía debería haberme llamado la atención.
en la puta vida vuelvo a comprar una mac.

siang3x said...

Hi all,

I had the same vertical color lines problem with my iMac like you before but Apple had it fixed. Now I have a lines-free LCD, thanks to nice Apple.

Maybe if you're wondering how can it happened, I wrote my story at this link: http://siang3x-problemsolved.blogspot.com/ It's quite wordy but I hope it can help you guys fix your iMac screen.

Lastly, God bless you all!!!

Boaz Agmon said...
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Stella Carlson said...

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