April 6, 2008

My, do they multiply fast!

Did you know...?

The Maids of Honour (Las Meninas) by Diego Velázquez is exactly TWELVE iMac lines wide?

Dolly Parton is 1,24 mts shorter than 12 iMac lines! Tallest man according to Guiness Record is 19 cm shorter than 12 lines!

572 signatures on Petition Online, one line each makes 131,56 mts! That's 2,86 times the Statue of liberty!


A user with serial CK61***U2R who contacted me has been blessed with his first line. I'm mentioning it since I've only talked about W860***U2N cases like mine. However, note it's not the only range affected. In fact intel iMacs have inherited the issue from G5's, for whom there are plenty of topics on Apple Discussions Board, really too many.

Last but not least i found powerbook17lines. It reads

A growing number of Powerbook 17" owners is reporting problems with the display: several pixel lines covering the entire display starts to appear after a couple of months that the warranty period ends

I wish them luck too


Unknown said...

This fuckings lines are the worst, i had theme since september... 14 lines yellow purple and cyan! And the worst was that i recommended to a lot of people the macs...
From Caracas, Vzla

Unknown said...

been living with growing number of vertical lines on our imac for over a year now. too many to count now. lines showed up at 13 months, one month too late.

Anonymous said...

what happened with the posts? I was thinking about subscribing to this blog...