May 6, 2008

Ok, update (not really)

Update is... there is no update. My lines count up to fifteen, and right now my only wish is for the lines to come to follow the pattern. Some do skip it. While the 14th was coming and going, fifteenth was confident enough to just pop up the next day.

By the 8th line the average was a line every 15 days.

9th line (27 days), 10th line (12 days), 11th line (3 days) 12th line (12 days), 13th (9 days), 14th line (18 days), 15th line (1 day)

Now it has come down to a line every 13 days if not counting the last line which is too deviated from the average.

What ever happens on a mac every 13 to 15 days to run useless an entire line of pixels?

Sorry about the lack of updates, but there's really... no update at all, it's all gone wrong. I feel the need to write this just for the sake of keeping the blog up to date. Even if i'm not making some weird video, problem is present and REAL.

Oh, and anyone want to make a comment about this? "Apple #1 in tech support, again".

Just sayin'


Don Wood said...

well thats put me off buying an imac I was looking at them but have to be a g5 powermac now shame on Apple for not replying to you

Anonymous said...

made in prc