May 26, 2008


[...] this number of lines contest is not getting anybody close to the solution.

Any options?


Anonymous said...


I have been writing rants to every major and minor computer magazines, but one lonely guy is not enough is he?

We need press presence desperately!!!

Any one dares to suit Apple?


Anonymous said...

I also have the same problem. I have been complaining at the apple shop for a couple of times now, and I had contact with apple support Netherlands by phone. Both don't want to help me because I don't have the additional warranty. The number of lines is increasing pretty quick now, and I am really sick of it. I have now requested help from a lawyer, and she is going to send a letter to the store at which I bought my Imac. She says I am in my right, and that the store has to pay for (at least part of) the cost of the reparation or give me a discount on a new one. In case they don't react on that letter (within a term of 2 weeks), further steps will be taken. If there is any news, I'll keep you up to date at this blog.

By the way, nice blog!

Caution Wet Paint said...

if you are living in the UK this might be of help to you guys.

in other words, you can try to get the OFT (a govt. body) to champion your cause if there are enough of you in the uk with this problem.

don't know how to help guys in other countries though. good luck.

dperetti said...

Hey there.
I sued Apple in France, and finally won the lawsuit !

Unknown said...

I have had the same problem with Apple refusing to do anything without an additional warranty. We need a class action brought against Apple! I'm up to my 27th vertical line and still counting.