June 16, 2008

'I sued Apple and I won'

As quoted from a comment on the previous post. iMac user dperetti informs via hardmac.com (Le Macbidouille in english) through these two links (link1) (link2):

[...] about a legal procedure launched by one of our readers [...] He had two iMacs, both affected by the famous problem of vertical lines that affected many readers [...] The judgement was given yesterday. Apple was condemned to refund this reader for two computers. [...]

Continue reading at Apple loses the legal process concerning the vertical lines - Hardmac.com

Second link provides links to pdf files conclusions reached by the judge and
judgement given (personal information removed).

I received this info last week but couldn't post it until today. I'd like to thank dperetti for what he offers to us, and user Varuni for keeping me updated too!

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