May 16, 2008


(...) right now my only wish is for the lines to come to follow the pattern.

15th line on May 3rd (1 day)
16th line on May 11th (8 days)
17th line on May 15th (4 days).

Farewell, average. The last lines have appeared quite faster these last days, making it everytime more difficult to spot the new ones. That's why i have decided to tag them.

I had sent a letter to Apple hoping for some sort of answer. Aren't they supposed to answer those? I mean, it's not an informal email or a phone call. they have in their hands a complaint! Sent it on the last week of February, that's two months and a half...



Anonymous said...

This week my iMac (intel 17" 1.83 Ghz) started to display its first lines. There are 2 now. It is now powered off, since I left home travelling.

I'll keep you guys updated about my curse too.

Anonymous said...

hi just thought you'd like to know i'm in the same boat as you. I have 9 lines in total now which seem to be appearing quicker by the day. My serial number is W85431FKTAT - I am disgusted that apple are just letting this slide - I spent my student loan on this computer and cannot simply afford to go and get it fixed - might as well go and buy several PCs for the price of the repair.....

Anonymous said...

My 3rd line appeared today.
5 days after the first 2.

Anonymous said...

I have 23 lines and counting, but this number of lines contest is not getting anybody close to the solution:

We have to write to each and everyone of the major (and minor) computer mags. and also someone in the US should try a Class Action LS.

Anyone brave enough?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have an iMac, sn W860***U2N.
I used to have like 30 lines all over the screen, I had a hard time even reading any text... this is my work computer, I am a graphic designer and its such a pain in the ass to work like this. Finally, after lots of complaints, my boss changed the outside of the computer, you know, the white thing, the whole monitor.... I was so happy to be lines free!!! but my happiness lasted for 1 month. Today I have watched the birth of the 1st cyan line on the right of my screen. "I'm so excited" coz i know how it'll end up. Do you know why this happens after the monitor has been replaced??? I thought the problem was fixed after that!
Just today I found out this is a problem affecting lots of macs all over the world (I used to think the problem was the last user of this computer), I'm glad you have this blog to share this problem with others :) great videos and info!
cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

Dont you guys have in USA some kind of government agency or consumer rights institution to call for? Cant they be involved in this issue?

I know in Brazil we do have, but Apple has such small market share here, and the products are all produced abroad, I doubt we could achieve something here.

But this should work for USA, right?

siang3x said...

Hi all,

I had the same vertical color lines problem with my iMac like you before but Apple had it fixed. Now I have a lines-free LCD, thanks to nice Apple.

Maybe if you're wondering how can it happened, I wrote my story at this link:
It's quite wordy but I hope it can help you guys fix your iMac screen.

Lastly, God bless you all!!!