September 24, 2008

An interesting sequence of events

Boy that was strange! Ok, so I phoned Apple. And no, I'm not writing on my usual desk today. After a pointless chat with a lady from Support, I called again, said my magic number W860...U2N, explained the problem very shallow and heard over the phone 'I think I have read about the lines issue somewhere, can you hold on plese?

When 'Save it for a rainy day' was over, she was back to tell me my mac was in between serial numbers with factory defects. She put me with another operator, Jose (thank you Jose!) to whom I had to explain again about the lines (how many lines... colours... nothing too technical) and he said. We'll make an exception. I'm giving you this case number and you take it to repair.

In 15 minutes and 2 phone calls I had my solution! So when i took it to repair we had some nice laughs about the little numbered tags on the frame of the mac and they'll have it checked in some 15 days or so.

I really thought it would take many many phone calls and minutes of explanation to each operator! It felt really good the way it came.

So please, call apple, call call call. And come back to tell how you've done!


Heian said...

What country are you in? I'm in Japan and while I got a case number, Apple wasn't about to replace anything. Maybe I should take it with me next time I travel, and get it looked at at an Apple Store there?

Anonymous said...

Great news...I have called Apple in the Netherlands, and they confirmed that this problem will be fixed by Apple without any costs.

I can finally solve my 53 vertical lines...

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. Luckily I got Applecare with my iMac and it's still good through December. Brought it into my local apple store and they replaced the logic board, display and... something about cables. I got it home, everything seemed great, and then just over 24 hours later... A new line showed up! So I'm taking it in again on Thursday, we'll see what happens.

Honestly at this point the cost of repairs has to be getting close to the threshold where it's just cheaper for them to give me a new iMac. Then again I've read a few complaints about a similar problem on newer iMacs...

Anonymous said...

i've not read about many similar problems with newer imacs.

It seems mostly to be 2006 ones made in China

Anonymous said...

A mí también me lo han reparado sin cargo. El número de líneas que tenía cuando lo dejé en el SAT era de 7... Veo que tú llegaste a las 32... Menudo panorama. Espero que la cosa se haya solucionado completamente (sé de gente que ha tenido que volver a llevar el aparato por TERCERA vez...).

Crucemos los dedos!



Anonymous said...

I contacted Apple support from Swiss. YES, I can confirm, they will repair now my W860****U2N iMac!

IMPORTANT be OBSTINATELY, be OBSTINATELY, again be OBSTINATELY when you call Apple! I phoned up to 50min!

At first, they said simply that's out of warranty. Then, after a first waiting time, they mean there was some special warranty expansion, but it's also expired. I also do not accept that subterfuge. So, after a second longer waiting time at the phone, they said, that they make a "special exclusion" for me.

Whatever regular or not, my iMac is now under warranty in repair.

Americo said...

I a brazilian macuser and I have an iMac with vertical lines. I'm trying to solve the problem with Apple Brazil but I think they don't mind. I started a blog with pictures of many iMacs with vertical lines, all of them in Brazil:
The first vertical line appeared 9 months after the guarantee's end. Now they want around US$650,00 to fix the LCD. Here, they say: "Apple have no recall to fix this problem, so you have to pay to fix that".

Anonymous said...

Fantastic response from Apple UK...My iMac developed these horrible lines and I called up Apple Support on the phone. After explaining initially that many Mac die-hards are very upset, I was put to Tier 2 Customer Service. After a few of minutes for verifying the iMac details, an case number was created to replace the LCD...for FREE! Took the local AAPL just 5 business days and my iMac is as good as new!

Call Apple...and bargain hard!