September 22, 2008


I used to be against the idea of having a second screen. Basically because it meant as if i was giving up. Forty-two lines later, it is really annoying to see through them, so i got for my birthday a 21'' acer screen.

So, how does a 21'' screen compare to fixing my iMac?

acer screen costed around 120€, it has two years of warranty and zero dead pixel policy.

iMac bought through apple store comes with a dead pixel. Apple's dead pixel deal is: screw you. Once the warranty is void (just one year) first line appears. Fix is 800€. Warranty for the fixed screen is 3 months. And the screen fits the frame, that's a 17'' screen.

Get it? Zero advantages on PAYING for a fix to a problem not caused by the user! Oh! And should i mention cases where fixed screens show lines again?

I thought by adding a second screen i was giving up. But seeing one next the other.... it's inspiring, rekindling!

Armed with patience.


Anonymous said...


That's ten more than the last post.

Could you possibly do a poste on the Matshita UJ 846 Superdrives that come with many of the line afflicted iMacs as they are pretty terrible for reliablity too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm exactly in the same situation.
Loads of lines, I can barely see throught. Now using a second display.

I love Apple products but I'm really really dissapointed.
Thanks for sharing your experience!