August 17, 2009

Every comment published here I read

It’s been a long time since my last post! But I read all the comments and have responded to some of them. What’s my global message? That’s right, to call Apple. I’m very happy most of you got your iMacs repaired at no cost.

Do all out there read this? Most of you got your iMacs repaired at no cost! Those who couldn’t were either complicated cases or people who didn’t insist enough.

I recently heard about a relative whose iMac at her office had suffered the vertical lines issue. She described it like a bar-code occupying the center third of the monitor. She was shocked to see this and remembered my case. She asked: My serial number is not W860...U2N, will they fix it? As a non apple employee all I could tell her was to make the damn Phone Call!!! They took the iMac for a week. Free repair, less than 5 minutes talking on the phone. See my point?

So sometimes I read comments like:

- I just got off the phone with Apple and they said they are sorry but they can't fix the LCD and that I should buy a external LCD.

Please, do not give up and keep calling :) Keep. Calling. Call. Ours is fixed and yours should be no exception.


Unknown said...

Should I call them again even though they said NO already? Isn't there a record that they keep about my case, because once they look at it they will see that they already denied the warranty. Any help would be appreciated.

next said...

Hehehe i'll never get tired of this :D


the only thing you win my waiting is more lines. In the worst scenario they'll tell you 'no' again in which case i'd insist yet again. Tell them about this blog. Tell them about the online petition. Talk to them about all the articles in google. There are many posts on Explain how they appeared, how this can only be caused by a factory problem... There's got to be one operator that cares for you, You just have to call one more time!

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the tip!

A called Apple Europe for an horribly pink line on my 17" iMac, and... they give me an extented warranty.They're gonna fix it for free.

Again, Thanks

iMac user from Spain

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just tried calling yet again for my iMac with no results. I've called twice and made one visit to an Apple store. No luck. I mentioned this blog and the rep seemed to be aware of it and other reports on the web. He said that it's true that some serial numbers have a defect which Apple will repair, mine is not one of them. I told him that the lines on my screen look to me like the same lines of others who've had free repairs done. Sadly, no luck.

Boaz Agmon said...
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khrisered said...

You got it fixed for free-
Doesn't happen in Newcastle Australia Apple Shop!